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Why should you visit Miramar Shopping Centre with your family at Christmas?

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Miramar Shopping Centre is always an ideal place to visit with the family due to its many leisure options, such as different attractions for children, the terrace or the many restaurants where you can eat the best food.

However, if there is a time when you cannot miss Miramar Shopping Centre, it is at Christmas because it is more beautiful than ever thanks to decoration and it is very much enjoyed, especially if we go with children. In addition, it is very easy to come by car to Miramar Shopping Centre thanks to our new free parking with XL spaces and guide system.

On the other hand, if you come to do your Christmas shopping and go with children, you will not have to worry about anything because you will also find a free playroom.

4 plans you can do at Miramar Shopping Centre at Christmas

Do you want to know what other services you can have at Miramar Shopping Centre at Christmas? Keep reading!

1. Do your Christmas shopping

If you still have to do some of your Christmas shopping, in Miramar Shopping Centre you will find everything you are looking for. You will have at your disposal more than 140 stores to make purchases of all kinds: clothes, jewelry, toys, food and much more.

2. Make a stop to eat

Do you want to spend the whole day at Miramar Shopping Centre but you don’t know where to eat? Here you will find restaurants of all kinds and for all tastes, and in the afternoon, you can also take a short break to have a snack.

3. Spend an amazing afternoon at cinema

If you want to enjoy even more and spend a funny afternoon, you cannot miss the plan of seeing a good film at the cinema, which is one of the most modern in the province of Málaga. The cinema has 12 screens, the best technology and the latest releases.

4. Don’t forget to visit the attractions

We also have different attractions for them on the terrace and inside. In addition, you cannot miss our children’s club for children between 4 and 12 years old, with the best free activities, workshops and games.

What other services can you find at Miramar Shopping Centre? You can also enjoy our workshop and car wash, ATMs, an electric recharging point for mobile phones and many other services that you may need during your visit.

As you can see, at Miramar Shopping Centre you will not miss anything during these Christmas holidays so that you can have a great time. We will wait for you!