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The environmental policy of the Miramar Shopping Centre aims to ensure that all activities taking place in the centre are environmentally responsible.

The main objective is to identify the current requirements and opportunities to ensure maximum compliance with and expectations of environmental measures throughout the building.

It is worth noting that, for this purpose, in all aspects of environmental sustainability we always strive to align the efforts of the traders with those of the managers of the shopping centre, to ensure that they are reciprocated by improvement measures and good environmental practices.

Developing these measures will make it possible to establish and implement operational instructions on every aspect of environmental sustainability (energy, waste, water consumption and sustainable cleaning).

As part of the policy to reduce the consumption of electricity, priority has been given to reducing the switching on of unused equipment and the installation of new lighting technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption.

The Miramar Shopping Centre has agreements with various waste management companies, so it has a wide range of recycling centres for different types of materials and promotes the use of recycled materials.

To minimise water consumption, all staff are made aware of the need to take care of this scarce resource, with the incorporation of an innovative system that reuses rainwater for subsequent use in lavatories.

One of the most important parts of sustainability is cleaning with the least possible number of chemicals, so the communal areas of the Miramar Shopping Centre are cleaned with ionised water that is generated in the centre itself, thus eliminating the use of chemicals and surfactants.