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Destination: Miramar

You’ll fall in love with Fuengirola! It’s the ideal holidays’ destination. If you have never been to Fuengirola, you’ll be amazed at all it can offer you. Located very close to Malaga capital city, Fuengirola is a city full of fun, culture and Mediterranean style. It’s also an ideal city for going shopping.
Very close to the beach and the city centre, Miramar shopping centre has become a benchmark for leisure time, shopping and a place to enjoy the many activities it schedules for visitors and residents.

With 160 stores, including the most prominent fashion brands like Primark,and a big hypermarket as Carrefour, Miramar has a wide range of leisure activities, such as 12 Cinesur cinema screens featuring the latest film releases, cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes. Add to this the many services for people, including a fantastic Kids Club for the youngest at home. Besides, Miramar regularly schedules activities and events addressed to all audiences.

Miramar shopping centre is one of the best shopping destinations in Malaga, where you’ll enjoy the sea atmosphere as well.

hoteles en fuengirola malaga

Nearby Hotels

Miramar shopping centre is located in a privileged area in Fuengirola, where you’ll find the best hotel and leisure options. This makes Miramar area a perfect place for your summer holidays.

Below you’ll find a list of the hotels nearby Miramar shopping centre:

Nearby Beaches

playas de fuengirola malaga

Due to Miramar shopping centre’s privileged and unique location on the coast of Fuengirola, there is an 800 m long beach very close to Miramar, with fantastic access to the sandy area.

  • El Ejido/El Castillo is located in Fuengirola, before crossing the Fuengirola river, next to Sohail Castle; this beach is part of the big sandy area in Fuengirola.

Other beaches in Fuengirola are:

  • San Francisco/Fuengirola beach is located in Fuengirola city centre, next to Fuengirola’s marina. This beach is ideal for children, as the sea is usually calm and it is not very deep.
  • Los Boliches is also in Fuengirola. It is a very famous beach, with an excellent range of equipment and services, close to the city centre.
  • Santa Amalia beach is located in Fuengirola. It also has a good variety of services, and it is not far from the city centre.

Medieval Castle

castillo medieval fuengirola

The Sohail Castle is located at the mouth of the Fuengirola river, over a little, isolated hill 38 metres over the sea level. The excellent geographic characteristics of this area enabled, from ancient times, a continuous flow and settlement of Punics and Romans.

A first settlement from the periods of the Caliphs can be identified upon the ruins. Later, during the 12th century, the Almoravids built a fortress of irregular shape. On 1485, the castle is occupied by the Christian army. From that moment on, the military enclosure undergoes an inevitable re-adaptation of its architecture, such as the replacement of the crank axle entrance for a direct entrance, the elimination of one of its eastern towers for the construction of a platform for cannons or the re-ordering of the south-eastern angle of the wall, with a bastion wall, after its demolition by the Napoleonic army in the War of Independence.

The work carried out in recent years by the Vocational School of the City of Fuengirola has enabled the recuperation of the Sohail Castle as a place where people from Fuengirola can meet their history and as an area in which to celebrate different cultural events, such as the famous Fuengirola Town Festival, the Medieval Market or the Beer Festival.

visitar parque fluvial fuengirola malaga

The River Park

The River Park, located just a few meters from Miramar shopping centre, is a unique place in Andalusia, next to the best beaches in Spain and the Sohail Castle an Arab fortress from the 11th century. A place to have fun and enjoy entertainment activities, sports and culture at the heart of the Costa del Sol.