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Children's Club

Isla Miramar

Wednesday 19
Peacock Crown

Did you know that peacocks are one of the largest birds? These birds have beautiful colours on their tails and all over their bodies. Today, we’re making our own peacock crown after knowing all the curiosities of these fantastic animals.

Thursday 20
Recycled Maracas

At Isla Miramar we love making music, and today we’ll be the best musicians and we’ll give a great concert with our own maracas. We’ll make them using glasses and an ice lolly stick. Inside, we’ll put rice, and they’ll sound very loud when you shake them. We’ll decorate our maracas with stickers and glitter.

Friday 21
Isla Miramar Boat

In Isla Miramar we don’t have enough boats to navigate, so today we’re going to build them! We’ll use caps, since using recycled materials is crucial for the environment.

Saturday 22
Snail Col-Col

The new pet in Isla Miramar will be a snail called Col-Col. We’ll do it with paper plates, cards, and something we never run out of: stickers, glitter, and many colours.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 17:00h to 20:00h

Saturday and holidays from 12:00h to 14:00h and from 17:00h to 21:00h

This schedule is provisional due to time restrictions.


From 4 to 12 years old.


Terrace (covered area).

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Terrace floor