The 2nd stage of the Digital Art Exhibition begins in Miramar

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We continue the artistic innovation with the second phase of the outstanding SMTH Digital Art Programme, “From Micro to Macro and Back”. This unique experience, which will be available until 11 April 2024, follows the stunning success of its predecessor, Text-to-Realm.

In 2023, Text-to-Realm set a milestone by exploring how artificial intelligence can empower human creativity. Leading international artists such as Lars Nagler, Yosi Negrín, Infinite Vibes, FOOOLAB and Yan Xiangning presented works that challenged artistic conventions and bridged the gap between the community and new digital art forms.

The new phase, “From Micro to Macro and Back”, commissioned by ONKAOS in collaboration with MMMAD Festival and supported by Led&Go, takes the experience to the next level. It features the work of the five winning artists of the international competition: Annan Shao, Gabriel KÖI & Sabato Visconti, Franco Palioff, Cristóbal Ascencio Ramos and Elina Zazulia.

Both phases challenge the limits of perception and offer a new way of seeing the world, fusing technology and imagination. Centro Comercial Miramar not only provides an exhibition space, but also integrates art directly into the daily lives of its visitors, enriching the cultural offer of Fuengirola and consolidating its position as a dynamic space for artistic expression and reflection.

We invite you all to immerse yourselves in this unique experience that fuses art and technology!