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Karting Experience at C.C. Miramar

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Do you want to live an unforgettable experience? On the terrace of the Miramar Shopping Centre you can challenge your friends with Karting Experience, a different and fun leisure option where you can challenge your opponents by playing with speed.

What is Karting Experience

Karting Experience is a recreational activity for karting fans to enjoy with friends and family.

In Miramar Shopping Centre we have two circuits, one for adults almost 500 metres long and 6 metres wide and another for children of 200 metres.

Without a doubt, it is an experience that will leave no one indifferent and you will want to repeat it on more than one occasion. Feel like Fernando Alonso and enjoy go-karting with the greatest safety in Miramar.

Karting for birthdays in Fuengirola

Organise a different birthday for your son or daughter! Do you want your son or daughter to spend an unforgettable day on their special day with their friends? The time has come to surprise him/her by organising an alternative birthday, we assure you that he/she will never forget this birthday. Check our prices and ask us for more information.

If you are an adult and you want to spend your birthday at Karting Experience, you can take advantage of our 30′ promotion and book your competition or junior kart at incredible prices, ask us for more information!

Why you should try Karting Experience

Mainly because it will be a unique experience! Plus, we can guarantee:

#1 Excitement and adrenaline

Karting is a very exciting activity that offers very high doses of adrenaline. Feeling the speed and acceleration while driving a go-kart offers the user a unique feeling of excitement and personal satisfaction.

#2 Stress release

We cannot talk about adrenaline without mentioning stress release. Karting offers a very fun and exciting way to release accumulated stress, helping to release tension and worries. As a result, negative emotions will be replaced by a feeling of well-being.

#3 Euphoria

The speed and competition of karting generates emotions of euphoria and excitement. The feeling of racing in a safe and controlled environment and the challenge of overtaking other drivers can be exhilarating and create an emotional state of extreme happiness.

#4 Fun and joy

All in all, karting is simply a lot of fun. The feeling of speed and the moments of excitement coupled with the laughter shared with friends and family create an atmosphere of absolute fun and joy.

These positive emotions have a lasting impact on the mood and create positive and memorable memories.

More leisure options in Centro Comercial Miramar

If karting is not your thing, we invite you to enjoy a unique virtual reality experience at Zero Latency, also located on the Miramar terrace. We remind you that what you see is fiction, but what you live and feel is real.

Otherwise, you can simply come to Centro Comercial Miramar to enjoy a good cinema session, go shopping in our more than 140 shops or enjoy a delicious meal in our cafés and restaurants. We are waiting for you!