Zara Fuengirola | Shops | C.C. Miramar

Zara is located at Miramar shopping centre.
It is a store where you can find a broad range of fashion items for all audiences and tastes, young, women, men and more. Customers will be able to find the items they were looking for, all of them of the best quality. The Zara store at Miramar shopping centre is a fashion store for those people looking for fashion items at competitive prices. They’ll find all types of garments, such as jeans, shoes, shirts, belts, sweatshirts, and many more clothes.
Zara at Miramar shopping centre has lots of garments to be in style, so clients can choose the ones they like most, but in Zara, they also offer you the new clothes that go on the market, as fashion and new trends always take a leading role at the shop.

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