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If you were looking for an exclusive sewing and clothing place, you have found the perfect place! Welcome to Hilos D’Ángel, your perfect destination to create CUSTOM GARMENTS IN THE MIRAMAR SHOPPING CENTER.

Discover the essence of ARTISAN SEWING and the art of creating CUSTOM GARMENTS in our exclusive space in the most iconic shopping center in Fuengirola at the C.C. Miramar

What We Offer in Miramar
At Hilos D’Ángel we are proud to offer GARMENTS THAT HELP YOU REFLECT AND EXPRESS YOUR PERSONAL STYLE in a unique way. All thanks to the customization of our garments! We fuse our creativity with our artisanal skill worked for years to offer you the best products and services.

Custom Sewing Services in Fuengirola
Our CUSTOM SEWING SERVICES are not just about simple adjustments to make your garment more comfortable or fit you better, we are dedicated to creating custom garments. We fulfill your fashion desires!

Our team of artisans will be in charge of creating garments that adapt to you and not you to them.

Custom Design and Creation
Have you been looking for a specific type of garment for a while? Can’t find it anywhere? We created it expressly for you! WE ARE IN CHARGE OF CUSTOM-MADE ELEGANT DRESSES AND EVEN CUSTOM-MADE SUITS.

Everything you want to wear, we create it for you!

Stylish Crafts in Malaga
In each of our garments we put meticulous detail in each of the stitches, at Hilo D’Ángel we firmly believe that SMALL DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. We make sure that every garment that leaves our workshop has a unique artisanal essence.

Quality and Variety Fabrics
Within the customization that we offer, we work with a WIDE RANGE OF FABRICS of the highest quality to guarantee that each garment is not only aesthetically beautiful, but we care about its comfort and durability.

Choose the fabric design you prefer!

Stylish Location in C.C Miramar
What better place than the Miramar Shopping Center to offer you the greatest customization of your garments? We are located in LA PLAZA: CARREFOUR PARKING ACCESS SERVICES AREA to offer you the unique style that only you can create.

If you are a fashion lover in Fuengirola, we are waiting for you! Discover all the stores in Miramar Shopping Center!

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