Fotolab Fuengirola | Shops | C.C. Miramar

The Fotolab shop in Fuengirola is located at Miramar shopping centre. 
With Fotolab’s gifts, every moment of your life will be present any time you want to revive them. Go back to all those places you’ve visited, to the people that make you happy and to all your unforgettable moments captured in your pictures. Our customisable products will help you decorate your house. Every time you open a digital album by Fotolab, you’ll revive the moments captured inside.
When you start a new month on your calendar, you’ll remember the dates and the most unique and funniest stories, or you’ll be back to those places and natural landscapes with your painting or poster. Draw a smile every morning on your beloved ones with a customised mug or an exclusive phone case. Our objective is to make your best moments and your most special memories into something real and unique so that you can enjoy them all your life. Fotolab at Miramar shopping centre is your store for original and customised gifts.

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