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Work with us at Miramar Shopping Centre!

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At Centro Comercial Miramar we are looking for you

Are you looking for a job opportunity that will allow you to grow professionally and train in a dynamic environment? Centro Comercial Miramar is the perfect place for you!

Located in Fuengirola, we are constantly looking for talented professionals to join our team.

What can you find a job in Miramar Shopping Centre?

At Centro Comercial Miramar we are looking for different talents; that’s why the variety of job opportunities is wide. The job profiles are as follows:

#1 Cleaning

Keeping our facilities clean and tidy is essential for our customers to have a good experience when shopping or eating at Miramar, which is why we value the cleaning team so highly. Will you join the team?

#2 Security

The safety of our visitors is a priority for us. If you have experience in this field, don’t hesitate to contact us.

#3 Maintenance

The Miramar Shopping Centre is large and therefore needs continuous maintenance to ensure that all the facilities run smoothly. If you have plumbing, electrical or carpentry skills, don’t hesitate to leave us your CV.

#4 Retail and Leisure Clerk

If you’re a people person and love fashion, consider working in one of our shops and be part of our customers’ shopping experience – give them that extra touch that makes their shopping experience a satisfying one!

#5 Catering Clerk

Catering is a fundamental part of the Miramar Shopping Centre. If you have experience in the catering industry, join our team and be part of satisfying the palates of our diners.

#6 Customer service

If you enjoy helping people, are friendly and helpful, a customer service position will give you the opportunity to be the friendly face of Miramar and help our customers with their needs.

#7 Animation monitor and children’s monitor

At Miramar Shopping Centre we also care about providing entertainment and fun for the whole family. If you are creative and energetic, apply for this position!

Send your CV now!

If the idea of joining our team excites you, we invite you to send your CV through our website. Good luck!