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What Plans Can You Find on the Terrace at Miramar?

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The TERRACE AT MIRAMAR SHOPPING CENTER is a great option for spending a day with the family and having fun together.

If you’re looking for leisure activities in Fuengirola, whether you’re here on vacation or need NEW PLANS IN FUENGIROLA, this terrace will meet your needs. Here, you can experience virtual reality, compete in go-kart racing, enjoy attractions for the little ones, and grab a bite in the dining areas.

Have Fun on the Terrace at Miramar Shopping Center with Its Activities

At Miramar Shopping Center, you can find and enjoy UNIQUE ACTIVITIES IN FUENGIROLA, such as go-karting or virtual reality, all with spectacular views of the city, including its river and castle, plus great weather.

Virtual Reality

This plan is ideal for families (with children aged 10 and up). Thanks to the latest technology, YOU CAN EXPERIENCE A VARIETY OF ADVENTURES.

This activity is perfect for those seeking an INNOVATIVE AND THRILLING EXPERIENCE. This attraction aims to transport players to different scenarios and situations.

Karting Experience

Another recommended activity is go-karting. The terrace at Miramar Shopping Center has a GO-KART TRACK OF ALMOST 500 METERS. It’s an ideal option for older visitors to enjoy a day of adrenaline and competition (we’ll look at the karting option for kids later).

Both the track and the karts are EQUIPPED WITH ALL THE NECESSARY SAFETY MEASURES so you can compete without any danger. Whether you’re racing against friends or family or just enjoying the thrill of karting, you’ll have an experience to remember.

Plans on the Terrace at Miramar Shopping Center for the Little Ones

It’s not just for the grown-ups; the terrace OFFERS FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY, including the youngest members.

Children’s Attractions

In addition to those located inside the shopping center, ON THE TERRACE YOU CAN FIND CHILDREN’S ATTRACTIONS where kids can have fun while you enjoy the views.

The children’s attractions on the terrace at Miramar Shopping Center are designed to provide SAFE AND FUN ENTERTAINMENT FOR KIDS of all ages.

Mini Karting

Just like for adults, KIDS CAN ALSO ENJOY A KARTING SESSION on a 200-meter track fully prepared for them, ensuring they have a good time while staying safe.

Enjoy the Dining Options on the Terrace at Miramar Shopping Center and Upcoming Openings

Besides having a great time on the terrace attractions, YOU CAN ALSO EAT THERE, thanks to the dining establishments available.

Currently, we have “Casa Carmen,” a RESTAURANT WHERE YOU CAN ENJOY GREAT FOOD with sea views. Soon, we’ll also have a “100 MONTADITOS” where you can enjoy all their sandwiches and products AT VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES. The Chill Out area will reopen soon; the kids can ride the attractions while you ENJOY THE GOOD WEATHER AND VIEWS FROM THE TERRACE.

Leisure Plans in Fuengirola

At Miramar Shopping Center, WE INVITE YOU TO SPEND THE DAY ON OUR TERRACE. In the morning, you could try some activities like virtual reality with your family, then have lunch at “100 Montaditos” or “Casa Carmen,” relax with a cocktail in the “Chill Out” area, and end the afternoon with some shopping in the mall. What are you waiting for to have a great day on our terrace?