We are family, and this is what really matters

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We have lived lots of emotions during last year, but we have mostly learned to value what really matters. At Miramar shopping centre we want to pay tribute to our most valued belonging: our families, who are all for us.

The result is We are family, a campaign we dedicate to you from the bottom of our heart. For this campaign, we have counted with a family who has enjoyed (and still does) many of their most special moments at Miramar.

Our family are those who are with us no matter what, who hold you by the arm and don’t let you go, who encourage you to take risks and show you to see the world through their eyes.

These people are each and every one of you, who chose us to live some of your best moments: those shopping days choosing the best season looks in our stores, those family cinema sessions, that fantastic dinner in one of our restaurants that you will never forget, or those days of having fun with your friends in our terrace.

No matter what, you are our family, and nothing can stop us. We hope you like it!