VALENTINE’S DAY RAFFLE! We love Pasapalo: enter our raffle and win a dinner for two! We will have two winners!

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For Valentine’s Day, we have a new raffle called We love Pasapalo. This month, we have a delicious prize: a dinner for two in our Pasapalo restaurant. Valentine’s Day is very special, and you deserve a grand celebration!


Enter our raffle, win it and share your prize with the person you choose.


The raffle will start on Monday 3 February at 3 pm and will finish on Sunday 9 February at 11:59 pm. We will announce the winners on Monday 10 February.


What do we raffle?
We will have two lucky winners. Each of them will get a full dinner for two at Pasapalo restaurant at Miramar shopping centre. The dinner will include a starter, main courses to choose from, a dessert and a drink. And everything will be delicious!


How can you enter this raffle?
Entering this raffle is easy as pie. Just visit our website and complete this form. Good luck!


Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE.



  • Ganador 1. Francisco Javier Martinez Romero
  • Ganador 2. Cristina Paredes García 


  •  Suplente 1. Luis Miguel Castillo Martinez
  • Suplente 2. Emilia Saarentola
  • Suplente 3. Ionela Gabriela Barlaboiu
  • Suplente 4. Dolores Burgos avila