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Día de la Madre


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Is there anything more beautiful than showing love to a mother?Come celebrate Mother’s Day at Miramar Shopping Center. This year, Mother’s Day is more special than ever, as it joins our new corporate social responsibility program, VIGÍAS.

Under the motto “This Mother’s Day, remember your other mother”, we want to highlight the importance of honoring all mothers, including our beloved Mother Earth., in line with our values ​​of sustainability and commitment to the environment.

Celebrate Mother’s Day in C.C. Miramar

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, we have set out to promote values ​​of care and respect for our natural environment.

At Miramar, we are committed to promoting values ​​of care and respect for our environment, and what better time to do so than on this special day. Through inspiring messages we want to remind our visitors of theimportance of taking care of our Earth, while we celebrate the love we have for our mothers.

Also, on this special day,we want to recognize the fundamental role that mothers play in the transmission of values ​​of respect, solidarity and love for others. They are the ones who teach us from a young age the importance of caring for and protecting our environment, instilling in us the commitment to leaving a better world for future generations.Mother and earth, there is only one: let’s take care of them.

Join us in this celebration that combines love and affection towards our mothers with the commitment to a more sustainable and supportive future.Together we can make a difference and show our love and respect for our mothers and our planet.We are waiting for you at the Miramar Shopping Center!