This summer, we’re going up! Go up to El Mirador and enjoy your terrace experience

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Nice weather has come to stay in Fuengirola, which means it’s time to enjoy our terrace, isn’t it? At Miramar shopping centre, we’re determined to make the most of this summer, and we’re going one level up. Literally.
In June we’ll open El Mirador, Terraceo Experience. In this new space on our terrace floor, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite food or meal outdoors. Just get yours and have a seat on the tables of the establishment where you placed your order. It’s the icing on the cake of your shopping days!
This is how you can use this service: when you place your order in any of the participant establishments, you’ll be given a tray. Take it and go up to El Mirador, have a seat on the tables of the appropriate establishment and enjoy your food or meal outdoors. These are the establishments with tables in our terrace: 100 Montaditos, KFC, Subway, Padthaiwok, TGB, Cien pizzitas, Pasapalo and Burger King.
We told you: nothing was going to be the same; it was going to be even better. And here’s the proof. This summer, go up with us!