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Summer sales at C.C. Miramar

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If you plan to go shopping in Fuengirola or its surroundings this summer, you can’t miss the SUMMER SALES AT CENTRO COMERCIAL MIRAMAR. During this period, the vast majority of our 140 stores offer deals so you can enjoy all our brands, accessible to every budget.

Fashion for every taste at Miramar’s sales

During these sales, you’ll find DISCOUNTS AT ALMOST EVERY FASHION STORE, with significant markdowns, allowing you to refresh your wardrobe without spending a lot. Thanks to the wide selection of stores at Centro Comercial Miramar, there are sales options for everyone.

Men’s Fashion

Men will find it’s the perfect time to FIND NEW CLOTHING IN THE SALES. Here at Miramar, they can take advantage of buying both casual wear and suits for special occasions.

Stores like Springfield, Scalpers, or Massimo Dutti will lower their prices during these sales, so you can seize this opportunity and get the LATEST TRENDS AT AMAZING PRICES.

Women’s Fashion

This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage and RENEW YOUR LOOKS FOR THE NEXT SEASON. Stores like Zara, H&M, or Mango offer huge discounts so you can renew your wardrobe and try new styles.

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s summer dresses, winter clothing, or a dress for a special occasion, with the large number of stores we offer at Miramar, YOU CAN FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR WITH CONFIDENCE.

Children’s Fashion

If you need to RENEW YOUR KIDS’ CLOTHING, these summer sales are also a unique opportunity.

With stores like Benetton or Mayoral, you can find CLOTHING OF ALL TYPES AND FOR ALL AGES, from babies to teenagers. You’ll find comfortable and stylish clothes so your children always look good without spending a lot of money.

Find deals on the latest technology at C.C. Miramar

For technology enthusiasts, sales are also a golden opportunity to get the LATEST ELECTRONIC DEVICES AT VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES.

Here at C.C. Miramar, you’ll find top stores like Game. From tablets and smartphones to accessories, at Miramar, you can find what you’re looking for.

Tips for making the most of your shopping day at Miramar

It’s true that sales can lead to some chaos, so here are some TIPS TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SHOPPING DAY at Miramar.

Budget and priorities

We advise you to have a clear ESTIMATE OF WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO SPEND and a priority list of what you’ll buy. This way, you can go directly to what you’re looking for, avoiding impulsive and uncontrolled purchases.

Arrive early

Sales days are busy, so we recommend that if you want to find all the available offers, ARRIVE EARLY AT THE SHOPPING CENTER to avoid crowds or to secure a product before it sells out.

Try before you buy

We recommend trying on the items you plan to take. This way, you can see how the clothes you’ve chosen fit, and you WON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF MAKING A RETURN, which can be stricter during these times.

Enjoy the summer sales at C.C. Miramar

Don’t miss out on the SUMMER SALES AT CENTRO COMERCIAL MIRAMAR; it’s a unique opportunity to find what you’re looking for at great prices.

With a wide variety of stores, incredible discounts, and entertainment options for the whole family, this shopping center becomes the PERFECT DESTINATION TO ENJOY A DAY OF SHOPPING AND FUN. What are you waiting for? See you this summer!