Observe, take action and help the sea. Miramar will be grateful for it

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Miramar needs your help to take care of our sea. Did you know that we could not live without the sea? It is one of our most significant environmental treasures! Besides being great for our leisure time, the sea produces 50% of the oxygen, helps food to grow, is essential to develop medicines, absorbs CO2 in the atmosphere and controls the climate on our planet. Wow! At Miramar, we show you all this and much more.


From 31 August to 9 September, you will find some information panels in our shopping centre, located next to our toilet entrances. Read them to be aware of the importance of taking care of our sea. Miramar is aware of it, but we also want you to be mindful of it, and to help us spread the word about it.


You can collect rubbish on the beach, help cleaning our coasts, recycle and reuse things, eliminate or reduce plastic use or keep the streets clean; there are many things you can do to help.


We all want a clean and live sea, and we all have to do our bit. Miramar tells you about it. Observe and take action. The sea and life beings will be grateful for it.