Nothing will be the same; it will be even better. We’re committed to your safety to take care of you, now more than ever

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We’re counting the days to welcome you again in our shopping centre. We’re eager! We at Miramar shopping centre, want that everything is as safe as possible when we’re back to normal. We’re committed to your safety to take care of you, now more than ever. To do it, we’ve put in place several rules and guidelines and we have reinforced our hygiene measures:
Rules and guidelines for people visiting Miramar shopping centre
– Use the hand sanitizing gel in the dispensers we’ve placed throughout the shopping centre.

– Wash your hands frequently with soap.

– Use face masks.

– Maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres.

– Use your inner elbow to protect others when coughing or sneezing.

– Avoid touching your eyes and your nose with your hands.

– Lifts are only for reduced mobility people and baby strollers. They should be used only for a person/family living together.


Hygiene and security measures at Miramar shopping centre
We at Miramar shopping centre have also implemented a specific plan to reinforce the security of our visitors and employees during this new situation.
One of the measures worth mentioning is the PCO technology, also known as photocatalytic oxidation, developed and used by the NASA. This technology emulates and recreates the photocatalysis occurring in nature. This technology will be installed in our toilets and private feeding room and destroys the microbial load very efficiently, both in the air and on any surface. As you can see, we’re determined to take care of you, now more than ever. And we’ll manage!
See below all the measures we’re implementing:

  • PCO technology (photocatalytic oxidation, developed and used by the NASA) in our toilets and private feeding room.
  • Constant cleaning and disinfection of the shopping centre.
  • Increased security and cleaning staff.
  • Capacity monitoring systems.
  • Reinforced air circulation system.
  • UV system installed on our toilets and private feeding room.
  • Atomized sterilization.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Sanitizing mats.
  • Our kid’s club will be closed.
  • We’ll install protective screens.
  • We’ll help our stores meet the capacity limits.
  • Toilets ventilation 24/7.
  • We’ll reinforce the security measures on our goods with specific sanitizing solutions.
  • We’ll increase our goods delivery hours in our stores to avoid crowding our loading docks.
  • We’ll implement a rubbish transport protocol to meet social distance regulations between our employees.
  • We’ll foster the use of PPMs among our staff.
  • We’ll restrict the use of lifts to reduced mobility people and their companions.
  • We’ll stop all borrow services such as strollers and electric wheelchairs.


We want to take care of you and that you enjoy the safest shopping experience when you visit us. We’re sure nothing will be the same; it’ll be even better. Together we’ll manage!


*At Miramar shopping centre we’re following all the guidelines provided by the health authorities. Therefore, these measures are subject to change depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the government recommendations.
Our hygiene and security measures are also constantly updated. For further information, please check the information panels throughout the shopping centre or visit our website.