New opening: Starbucks opens at Miramar Shopping Centre!

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Can you smell the scent of coffee? Can you feel it? There’s something special in the air, and it is the aroma of the NEW STARBUCKS COFFEE that will soon open its doors at Miramar shopping centre.

Starbucks coffee has become a benchmark for coffee lovers around the world. At Miramar shopping centre we ensure you that you’ll enjoy a full personalised attention in a charming place with comfortable sofas. Once you taste their coffee, you’ll come again and again!

Starbucks is well known for its wide range of high-quality coffees and teas that suit all tastes, so you can choose the one you prefer depending on your mood. Besides, there are lots of sweet and salted bites that you can add to your drink; visiting Starbucks is a great plan for any time of the day, breakfast, snacks, afternoon plans… and it’s available to all Miramar shopping centre visitors.

It’s more than just coffee, it’s a unique experience that you’ll enjoy from the moment you cross the door until you enjoy a cup of coffee in one of their sofas. We know you’re eager for one… So are we!