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Movie premieres this summer in Miramar

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Going to the movies is one of everyone’s favorite activities, and in summer, we have more free time to enjoy AMAZING MOVIES ON THE BIG SCREEN!

The best cinema in Fuengirola is at Miramar, boasting 12 THEATERS EQUIPPED WITH THE BEST TECHNOLOGIES, including three digital 3D screens.

Why go to the movies in Fuengirola this summer?

Aside from being a perfect excuse to meet friends, unwind, or go on a date with your partner, this summer you must visit Miramar cinema because AMAZING NEW RELEASES FOR ALL AUDIENCES ARE COMING.

Some REALLY GOOD MOVIES FROM ALL GENRES are about to premiere, and we’re sure you don’t want to miss the experience of seeing them in theaters. Popcorn, great company, and action!

Miramar cinema premieres in Fuengirola 2024

Among the MAIN SUMMER RELEASES, we highlight the following:

#1 Inside Out 2

Available to watch from June 19, it looks like it will be on screen for a few more weeks!

Discover HOW RILEY AND HER EMOTIONS CONTINUE TO NAVIGATE through the sweet and complicated adolescence.

The Spanish dubbing features renowned names like Chanel, Rigoberta Bandini, Michelle Jenner, and Bays Efe, lending their voices to new characters.

#2 Despicable Me 4

The new installment of this fun saga premiered on July 3, aimed at the youngest members of the household.

After seven years, the villain Gru, now an agent of the Anti-Villain League, RETURNS TO CAUSE CHAOS. Enjoy this family adventure!

#3 Strangers: Chapter 1

Switching genres to horror, you can enjoy this terrifying installment of Strangers starting from July 12.

A car breakdown forces a couple to spend the night in a remote AirBnb in the woods. It’s then that three masked strangers MAKE IT THE WORST NIGHT OF THEIR LIVES.

#4 Twisters

The highly anticipated REBOOT OF THE 90s MOVIE hits theaters on July 17 to keep viewers glued to the screen.

Kate Cooper, a traumatized former storm chaser, now studies storms from New York.

Her friend Javi takes her back to the plains to test a tracking system, where she meets Tyler Owens, a popular social media storm chaser. TOGETHER, THEY WILL FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES.

#5 Deadpool and Wolverine

On July 25, the new movie in Marvel’s most mischievous character saga, Deadpool, hits the big screen.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) is now joined by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. THE PLOT OF BOTH CHARACTERS INTERWEAVES to create a movie you can’t miss.

#6 Breaking the Circle

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) returns to the big screen to tell the story of Lily Bloom, a woman who overcomes a traumatic childhood to PURSUE HER DREAM IN BOSTON.

This touching movie will be available in theaters starting August 9. Start planning who you’ll go see it with!

#7 You Will Return

Awarded as the BEST EUROPEAN FILM AT THE CANNES FESTIVAL, you can end the summer with this movie premiering on August 30.

Directed by Jonás Trueba and written by Itsaso Arana, the film tells the story of Ale and Alex, who after 15 years together DECIDE TO THROW A PARTY TO CELEBRATE THEIR BREAKUP, surprising their loved ones as they question their separation.

Keep a close eye on our lineup and DON’T MISS THE MANY OTHER RELEASES you can enjoy this summer at Miramar, your cinema in Fuengirola.

Miramar Shopping Centre, your place for shopping and leisure

And a good movie, paired with an AFTERNOON OF SHOPPING OR DINNER AT ONE OF OUR RESTAURANTS, is even better! Note down the premieres that interest you the most and enjoy THE BEST CINEMA IN FUENGIROLA AT MIRAMAR SHOPPING CENTRE. We look forward to seeing you!