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Why should you come to the cinema in Miramar?

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If you are looking for a cinema in Fuengirola, mk2 Cinesur in C.C. Miramar is the ideal place. We are strategically located to offer you more than just films, we offer you an unforgettable experience!
Are you looking for a great time with your friends? Or maybe… you prefer to do it with your family? Either way we are waiting for you!

An ideal cinema plan

There’s nothing better than being the first to enjoy your favourite premieres! In our cinemas you are fully immersed in the plot of the film, in Mk2 Cinesur you are the protagonist!

#1. Technology for total immersion

We have 12 theatres equipped with the best technology to immerse you in your favourite film, including 3 digital 3D theatres, so you can enjoy your cinema experience to the fullest. Be part of the plot!
Imagine being in the centre of the action, surrounded by fantastic worlds and characters that seem to jump straight off the screen, with our 3D theatres at Mk2 Cinesur the story comes to life and you can feel like you are part of it.

#2. Variety for all tastes

One of the main reasons why our cinema in Miramar stands out is that we have a wide variety of films, including the latest releases!
You might be more into scary movies or maybe… action movies. Maybe you prefer to enjoy the latest blockbusters or classic films. We have films to suit all genres, tastes and ages, and at Miramar Shopping Centre you’ll find the perfect film for you!

#3. Special Events

At Mk2 Miramar we don’t just screen films, we have special events and themed functions! We firmly believe that fun should never be limited – exclusive screenings, concerts, live shows, premieres and even Meet&Greet!
These events are usually time-limited, so we recommend you to be on the lookout and buy your tickets early, so you don’t miss out!
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#4. Exclusive discounts

Enjoying the cinema has never been so affordable! If you are under 26 years old (or the same), you can buy our individual card! Our Tarjeta5 is valid for one year: 4€ on Wednesdays, 5,50€ any day, in special seasons 3,90€… and you also get a free popcorn*.
Are you going to miss it?

#5. Original version films

Are you one of those people who prefer to watch films in their original version (VOSE)? Every day we have screenings of new releases in their original version so that you can enjoy your favourite films in the most original way possible.
What are you waiting for to enjoy a tailor-made cinema experience?

#6. Accessible location

We are located in the heart of Fuengirola, were you looking for a cinema where you can watch your films? You’ve found us! Mk2 Cinesur is for those who prefer to come by car, we have free parking! Also, you can take the Fuengirola City Bus: 1, 4 and 5.
There are no excuses to enjoy the unique cinema experience.

The magic of cinema in Fuengirola

So why should you come to Mk2 Cinesur in Miramar? Every visit is a new adventure. You can enjoy first hand the magic of cinema, where each screen becomes a door to visit infinite worlds.
We are waiting for you at the Miramar Shopping Centre for a unique experience!