As per Spain’s government indications, Miramar will remain partially open during the state of alert.

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Due to the state of alert ordered by the Spanish government to stop the expansion of coronavirus, Miramar will remain partially open during the state of alert. Carrefour hypermarket and those stores in Miramar that are allowed to operate according to the Decree published by the government will remain open to enable the provision of food and other essential items.
At Miramar’s management, we think it is a priority to ensure health and well being of all our visitors and employees. For this reason, we are following the guidelines adopted by the authorities to reduce the risk of exposure and infection.
We want to send a support message to all our community, and remind you that we have to be responsible and have a strong social commitment. Let’s do all our bit so that things are back to normal as soon as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We will be updating this information according to new guidelines or official measures taken by health authorities.


Miramar shopping center:

Carrefour: 9am to 10pm.

Vodafone: 10am to 3pm.

Movistar: 10am.

Holland & Barret: 10am to 9pm.

Myrafarma: 10am to 5pm.


Parque Miramar:

S. Cocina (by appointment): 10am

Decathlon: 10am

Leroy Merlin  (professionals only): 7am

Kiwoko: 10am-8pm

Gasolinera: 8am-9pm

Iceland: 9am-7pm

Sabadell: 8:15am-3pm

Village Café: 8am

Lizarrán: 8am

Soloptical (by appointment): 10am

Cardland: 9:00am

Norauto: 8:30am

Burger King: 1pm

Comerco: 7am

Kiabi: 10am

Merkal: 10am

Jysk: 10am

The schedules are not final and may be subject to changes. Miramar is not responsible. Sorry for the inconvenience.