Miramar is open this Easter holiday for your maximum enjoyment

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Are you looking for a great plan this Easter? So you can live the fullest this year and take advantage of each day, at Miramar Shopping Centre of Fuengirola we will open all of our establishments and shops during the Holidays. That is, we will be fully open from 20 to 26 March!

You’ll be able to enjoy a day of shopping, an unforgettable movie session, a nice meal (or all at once), also during the 20, 24, 25 and 26 March. Which correspond to the holidays we are open for Palm Sunday and Thursday, Friday and Holy Saturday.

This Easter 2016, you can make all kinds of plans without limits this holiday. If you fancy shopping, have a fun family plan with your loved ones, or relax to an evening of entertainment with your partner … We are here waiting for you!
Happy Easter Holiday 2016 to everyone!