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Latest Movie Releases. You Can’t Miss Them!

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The Miramar cinema opens its doors once again to welcome an exciting VARIETY OF PREMIERES ON APRIL 26th, which you can enjoy throughout the week.

With stories ranging FROM INTIMATE DRAMAS TO EXCITING MUSICALS AND INSPIRING DOCUMENTARIES, the lineup offers a cinematic experience for all tastes and emotions.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of cinema in Fuengirola!

Top Premieres at C.C. Miramar

We present you with cinema premieres for all tastes that will leave no one indifferent!

#1. “Mammal”

An intimate look at the difficult decisions and challenges of motherhood. THIS FILM PROMISES TO PROVOKE DEEP EMOTIONS as it explores the internal dilemmas of its characters and the social expectations surrounding them.

#2. “There Will Always Be Tomorrow”

AN EMOTIONAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE HOPES AND CHALLENGES OF A POST-WAR ITALIAN FAMILY. With a blend of romance and historical drama, this film offers a poignant look at the strength of love and determination in difficult times.

#3. “The Specialist”

An exciting story of action and suspense that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With THRILLING ACTION SCENES AND A PLOT FULL OF UNEXPECTED TWISTS, this film offers a dose of adrenaline for action lovers.

#4. “Tails: The Musical”

A VIBRANT AND FUN MUSICAL THAT INVITES AUDIENCES TO LAUGH, SING, AND ENJOY. With catchy musical numbers and a story full of humor, this film promises to be a unique and joyful experience for the whole family.

#5. “Joan Baez: I Am a Noise”

An inspiring documentary celebrating the life and legacy of a folk music legend. WITH TOUCHING INTERVIEWS AND MEMORABLE PERFORMANCES, this film offers an intimate look at a figure who has left a profound mark on the history of music.

#6. “Rivals”

An intense look at rivalries and sacrifices in the world of professional tennis. With powerful performances and a tension-filled plot, THIS FILM INVITES AUDIENCES TO IMMERSE THEMSELVES IN A WORLD OF COMPETITION AND PASSION.

#7. “The Palace”

A mysterious story unfolding in the majestic Palace Hotel. WITH AN INTRIGUING ATMOSPHERE AND ECCENTRIC CHARACTERS, this film invites audiences to dive into a world of secrets and surprises.

#8. “An Angel Named Rebeca”

A TOUCHING DOCUMENTARY NARRATING THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF A YOUNG WOMAN IN THE PROCESS OF CANONIZATION. With inspiring testimonies and a story of faith and hope, this film offers a unique look at the strength of the human spirit.

Experience the thrill of cinema in Fuengirola

After exploring this exciting lineup of premieres, ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF CINEMA AT CINE MIRAMAR?

From touching dramas to thrilling thrillers and vibrant musicals, there’s a story waiting to be discovered by every movie lover.


We await you at Cine Miramar to immerse yourself in a world of emotions and adventures on the big screen!