Isla Miramar

Every week, from Wednesday to Saturday and also on Sundays and holidays, we’ll have lots of different, innovating, creative and original activities for your children. The youngest at home won’t forget this experience. A great adventure awaits you at Isla Miramar!

Children aged 4-12 will be able to access and enjoy this space completely free of charge just by showing they downloaded the official mobile app by Miramar shopping centre, available for iOs and Android. It’s free of charge!

We catch your dreams at Isla Miramar

People come to Isla Miramar to play and to learn. But above all, they come to dream. Dreams are pure imagination, creativity and fantasy. That’s why we start this week by catching them with the activity on Wednesday 5. How are we going to do it? Very easy, we’re going to build our own dreamcatchers. 

On Thursday 6, we’ll explore how a hovercraft can glide smoothly. We’ll build one with balloons, CDs and cardboard in the Balloon Hovercraft workshop. Once the hovercraft is built, we’ll play at racing with it on any smooth, flat surface. Super fun!

The story about Papelote, a tree that lived happily in the Amazon, will accompany us on Friday 7. We’ll discover how some men took it away to turn it into paper, and we’ll become aware that nature and the environment are our greatest treasure. A treasure we must love and preserve. 

Recycling will also take centre stage on Saturday 8 in the Plastic Games activity. This is a maths game made with lids of different sizes and colours and will help learn numbers and shapes and other maths exercises, such as sorting by number or by size. 

  • Wednesday 5. Dreamcatcher
  • Thursday 6. Balloon hovercraft
  • Friday 7. Storytelling. El viaje de Papelote (Papelote’s journey)
  • Saturday 8. Recycling: plastic games
Opening hours:

Wednesday to Friday: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and opening holidays: 12:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00.

Age requirements:


Terrace (covered area).


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