Jeans raffle! Celebrate the new opening of Jack & Jones and win a pair of jeans!

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Miramar shopping centre celebrates the new opening of Jack & Jones with a raffle only for real cowboys and cowgirls. You can win a pair of jeans! Immerse yourself in the Jack & Jones universe and let us make you a gift. Join our raffle!


What do we raffle?

We will raffle two pair of jeans from Jack & Jones. One through the official app by Miramar and another one on our Instagram profile.


What do you have to do to enter each raffle?

– If you enter the raffle on our app  Download the official APP by Miramar, available for  iOS and Android, and open the raffle post. Once you are there, you have to vote with a happy face.
– If you enter the raffle on Instagram Follow the Miramar account and leave a comment on the raffle post tagging two friends to encourage them to join the raffle too.


When can you enter the raffle?

You can enter the raffle from 2nd May to 12th May both inclusive. We’ll announce the winners on 13th May.


Don’t miss out on our jeans raffle! Jeans fashion wear awaits you!


Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE