Fun is back, Isla Miramar is back!

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Isla Miramar is reopening! As of 18 September, children aged 4-12 can enjoy our kid’s club. Educational activities, workshops, storytelling, arts and crafts… We’re going to have a terrific time!


Where can you find our kid’s club?
Isla Miramar is located on our terrace. To access it, you have to show that you downloaded the official APP by Miramar shopping centre, available for IOS and Android. That easy!
Safety and hygiene measures
– Isla Miramar is back with a strict hygiene protocol. These are the measures in place.
– The capacity is reduced to 50%
– All children must wear a face mask. If they don’t have one, Miramar will give them one so that they can access the club.
– The maximum time allowed to stay in the kid’s club is 1.5 hours.
– The access to the club will be in turns, with cleaning and disinfection after each turn.
– Families will have to sign a statement of compliance, ensuring the health of their children in the 14 days before visiting the club.
As of 18 September, lots of fun and games await you at Isla Miramar. We’re looking forward to seeing you!