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This is a fantastic opportunity for your children to have a terrific time in our playground. Until the 5th October, we’ll raffle 10 tickets (one for each winner) for the funny rides located at the terrace of Miramar shopping centre.

Each ticket is valid for only one person and will allow you to enjoy your favourite ride for 10 minutes. You can use your ticket at any of these rides:

– Trampolines
– Train
– Ball pond
– Ruloway
– Electric hoverboard
– Bouncy castle
– Paintball

(Our staff will inform you about the age requirements for each ride).

How can you join this raffle? Joining our contest is easy as pie; follow these steps to get one of these tickets:

– Follow Miramar shopping centre‘s Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/miramarcentrocomercial).

– Download our free APP:

For iPhone: http://ow.ly/sa4x30e4cbN

For Android: http://ow.ly/GjmD30bJAdl

– Reply to this question we have published in the APP : “Have you ever been to our playground?”

That simple! Once you reply to the question, you’ll join our raffle.

Check the Terms and Conditions for this raffle at http://ow.ly/jj9U30fub2Y

We’ll announce the winners on Friday, 6th October, on our app. Good luck!