We love WINNERS at Miramar! We have a raffle every month!

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Spring, summer, autumn, winter… At Miramar shopping centre we do not care about the season, about the day of the week, if you are young or not so young, if you are a mum, a dad, if you are the youngest or the eldest at home. We really do not care, because at Miramar you all have the same chances to win and enjoy our prizes! We love WINNERS at Miramar!

How come? What is We love Winners? It is the new campaign by Miramar, which will give you the chance to win fantastic prizes every month. Yes, as simple as that. We have a raffle every month! Cinema, restaurants, beauty, Halloween, summer… we have a bit of everything and for everyone.

Entering our raffle is very easy. You just have to go to our website, check the month’s raffles and complete a simple questionnaire following our instructions. Also, once all raffles have finished, we will raffle a €200 gift card among all participants! Wow!

– First We love Winners raffle: double tickets for Miramar cinema

In April, we start with a fantastic raffle! We will raffle 10 double tickets for Miramar cinema! You can enter the raffle from 22nd April to 5 May, both inclusive. At Miramar, you all win! Stay tuned!

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