We love WINNERS at Miramar! A new raffle every month! Summer prizes await you in July!

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We love WINNERS new raffle! On July, our raffle brings you the most summer-like prizes, like hats, sarongs, swimsuits, sunglasses, flip flops… With our Loves Summer raffle, you will go to the swimming pool or the beach fully equipped! We will raffle 20 prizes! Would you like to be one of the lucky winners? Enter our raffle and win them!

What do we raffle?

In Natura (1 winner): a hat
In Women’s Secret (1 winner): a swimsuit with an accessory
In Roberto Martín (1 winner): a pair of sunglasses
In Dacks (3 winners): Hawaiian flip-flops, a basic Adidas unisex cap and a Vans bag type backpack
In Base (1 winner): a New Era cap
In the Karting Experience (5 winners): a double entry for each winner

When can you enter the raffle?

You can enter the raffle from Wednesday 18 July at 3 pm to Sunday 28 July at 11:59 pm.

How can you enter the raffle?

Entering our raffle is very easy. You just have to go to our website, check the month’s raffles and complete a simple questionnaire following our instructions. Also, once all raffles have finished, we will raffle a €200 gift card among all participants! Wow!

What is We love Winners?

It is the new campaign by Miramar, which will give you the chance of winning fantastic prizes every month. Yes, as simple as that. A new raffle every month! Cinema, restaurants, beauty, Halloween, summer… we have a bit of everything and for everyone.

At Miramar, you all win! Stay tuned for our next raffles every month and enter all of them! Enjoy summer at Miramar!

Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE.