Print your pictures for free at Miramar’s Instagram machine!

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You usually post your favourite pictures to Instagram, don’t you? Would you like to print them for free and place them in your bedroom, your diary, etc.? You’re in luck! At Miramar shopping centre we have the perfect machine for you: The Instagram machine!

Pay attention, because it’s easy as pie. To print your favourite picture for free in our Instagram machine, you just have to drop by the Information desk at the shopping centre and show your Miramar VIP card, that you’ll get if you download our app for iOS or Android. This way, you’ll get a voucher that will allow you to print your picture for free. Wow! At Miramar, being VIP has lots of benefits…

The Instagram machine, located at the entertainment area in our shopping centre, will print your favourite pictures from this social network immediately with just the click of a button and with perfect quality, so that you can also enjoy on paper the filter you applied to make this picture so special.

Remember: show your Miramar VIP card and print your pictures for free! You’ll have your picture ready to show it to everyone.

The Instagram machine awaits you!