Miramar Family Games: the fun continues at home!

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As you know, at Miramar shopping centre we are determined to make you feel at home as if you were in our kid’s club. Get ready, because fun has just begun: after the success of our Miramar Camp, here are the Miramar Family Games!
What are Miramar Family Games?
These are family games, those your parents played when they were your age and those that guarantee hours of family fun. In this version we have launched at Miramar, our chameleon will be the star.
When and where?
Next Thursday 30 April, we’ll launch the first Miramar Family Game on our website and social media. Pay attention to the instructions and have fun! We’d also love to see you! Why don’t you post a picture of you playing with your family? Remember to tag us!



You can also see al the videos of our Miramar Camp on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and don’t miss a thing!