LEGO® HARRY POTTER RAFFLE Enter our raffle, win an exclusive LEGO® figure box and recreate your favourite scenes of Harry Potter films

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Miramar shopping centre brings you the wonders of the LEGO universe and Harry Potter’s magic in the same package. We have a LEGO® Harry Potter box for you! Enjoy the exclusive characters and scenes of the saga with your favourite miniature figures. Enter our raffle!

What do we raffle?

We will raffle two LEGO® Harry Potter boxes with the miniatures of your favourite collectable characters of this saga and everything you need to recreate the most magical scenes.

When can you enter the raffle?

You can enter the raffle from 16 May to 26 May both inclusive. We will announce the winner on the 27 May.

What do you have to do?

– Download the official APP by Miramar, available free of charge on  iOS and Android, and open the raffle post. Once you are there, you have to vote with a happy face.
– And if you are on Facebook, follow the Centro Comercial Miramar account and leave a comment on the raffle post tagging two friends to encourage them to enter the raffle too.

Do not miss out on this fun and magical raffle! Harry Potter and LEGO® await you!

Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE