COMING SOON! Kill the virus: test your skills with the new escape room game by Miramar

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Pay attention, our brave friends! At Miramar shopping centre we have a new game, Kill the virus. A game that will give you endless fun at home. Now, you will also be able to access it from our app, updated and with new augmented reality features. Who dares to destroy the virus? It’s time to play!
What is Kill the virus about?
Kill the virus invites you to transform your home in a mysterious escape room. This game is suitable for two to ten people. One of them will be the Game Master, in charge of hiding the cards around the house according to the instructions provided, so that the rest can solve the mystery.
Participants will be taken to a laboratory, where they will have to solve an enigma that is crucial for the future of humankind. Your final objective: discover the virus’ genetic sequence.
You will play using the new app by Miramar shopping centre, updated with new AR features to improve your experience.
How can I enter the raffle?
The mechanics of this game are quite easy:
– Get your escape room kit on our Information desk or download it from this LINK.
– If you downloaded the cards, print them. (You can also play without a printer, read the instructions about how to do it).
– Place them in their secret location, according to the game’s instructions.
That’s not all! We have a brand-new app! Once you have the components of the game, you can play it using the new app by Miramar shopping centre. This new app is more modern, more intuitive and has new features, such as augmented reality. You will love it!
You can download the app for free on IOS and Android
What prizes can I win?
There will be three winners, who will get a € 300, € 200 and € 100 card respectively to spend it in our GAME store.
Also, if you want to win a Kill the virus T-shirt, drop by our shopping centre and find the final test we have placed in the main entrance that provides access to the outdoor parking. If you solve the enigma, you will get a T-shirt!
When can I enter the game?
From now until november 22.

Terms and conditions HERE.
We trust you to save humankind!