Join us for a pirate gymkhana and refreshing mornings during July!

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 This summer, the youngest at home have a plan for Saturday evenings: the Great Pirate Gymkhana at Miramar shopping centre.

Would you like to have a pirate experience and enter a raffle to win a XBox? You just have to pass some knowledge and skills games where you’ll be able to develop your abilities while having a great time.

Our little participants have to go to our main stand, where our pirate instructors will hand out a treasure map, showing the way to a reward made up of chocolate doubloons and sweet jewels. The best booty a brave Corsair could expect!

But the map is not complete, little ship’s boys. If you want to get the missing pieces of the map, you’ll have to drop by the following areas:

  1. Pirate transformations: a workshop where we’ll create paper costumes.
  2. Sword fight on the high seas: build a balloon sword and fight over a board.
  3. Cannon shots: a cannon ball fight on board several ships.
  4. Get the hook right: ability competition with hoops.
  5. Message in a bottle: concentration activity.
  6. A key buried in sand: a search race against the clock.
  7. Totem riddles: solve the riddles that you’ll find throughout the shopping centre.

You cannot miss out on this fantastic adventure for children aged 4-12, every Saturday during July from 6.30 to 9.30 pm.


During all Sundays in July, our terrace will become a fantastic place for water games, where children aged 4-12 will feel in their element.

We’re going to install an inflatable enclosure where the fun will never stop. Our instructors have prepared lots of refreshing and funny games for our children, including sliding tracks, carwash, giant water guns, a water glass race, water balloons and many more activities!

Pay attention, parents: even if we’ll be in a partly shaded area, children need to bring sun protection and ankle strap sandals.

If you want to escape from the heat, remember to drop by the terrace at Miramar shopping centre. All Sundays during July from 12.30 to 2.30 pm.