EARTHLING, we have a message for you

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Saturday 24th June at 7 pm

Your attention please. Breaking news! We had our suspicions for a few weeks, and now they have been confirmed; the terrace at Miramar shopping centre has been captured by some strange beings from outer space. However, we cannot confirm yet who captured who. Even if they had a Machiavellian plot to invade our terrace, as soon as these visitants saw the great ambience at the terrace they decided to give up on their obscure purpose and live with us.

So don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of. As we get to know them, we have discovered that they are as nice as green, and they are eager to learn about our traditions. Earthlings’ traditions, as they like calling us. If you want to meet this gang of strange beings, you cannot miss the event we’ve prepared to welcome summer, where we’ll introduce you to the new inhabitants of the best terrace in the whole galaxy.

Pick up your best antenna outfit and join us on Saturday 24th June at 7 pm. A parade, music, cosmic stiltwalkers, stellar make-up and many more surprises await you. We’re sure there’s no better plan in the whole planet Earth! Come and have fun with us!