Drop by our gift cards magic garden and win up to €500!

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At Miramar shopping centre, we have a brand new product… Our gift card! Would you like to get one? It’s just the perfect gift, no need to choose anything. You just have to set an amount and get it!

And to welcome our new gift card, a special surprise awaits you at Miramar… You can win a gift card and free cinema tickets! How can you get them? Drop by our magic garden and join our raffle.

Pay attention:

If you see some girls dressed like gardeners, approach them! They’ll be around the main streets in Fuengirola on 19th and 20th January and in the magic garden at our shopping centre. Pay attention to them, because they have something important for you… The gardeners will have some white balloon bouquets and a voucher that you’ll need to join our fantastic raffle.

How can you join our raffle?

1. Complete the voucher you got from one of our gardeners in the streets of Fuengirola, and bring it to our magic garden. Once you hand over the voucher, you can choose a balloon at the garden and you’ll just have to wait and see if it’s one of the winning balloons… Good luck!

2. Buy a gift card at our information desk. Drop by our magic garden, show your gift card and the sales ticket and you can join our raffle!

Besides, all participants will join a raffle to win a €200 gift card!

But this is not all; if you downloaded the official app by Miramar shopping centre for iOs or Android, you can join our raffle to win a super €500 gift card! Wow! This is starting the year on the right foot!

Go and get the perfect gift!

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