Don’t miss out on Miramar’s Game Party!

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Are you a gamer? If you are, you cannot miss out on the fantastic party we’ll celebrate at Miramar. And if you’re not yet a gamer, drop by, and you’ll soon become one! You’ll love it! The Game Party lands at Miramar!

Miramar shopping centre has prepared a terrific party with workshops and games focused on the gamer world, a contemporary and varied proposal for people of all ages.

On our Game Party, the youngest at home will get into the world of fantasy and new technologies from a playful, dynamic and original approach, where participants will let their creativity and imagination run wild. They’ll enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

During July, the Game Party will bring you workshops every Saturday and games every Sunday, from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. If you want to join any of them, you just have to show that you downloaded the official app by Miramar shopping centre, available for iOs and Android. So easy!

On Saturdays, workshop participants will enjoy the Star Wars workshop, where they’ll be able to make a fantastic imperial trooper helmet or a lightsaber; the Virtual Glasses workshop, where they’ll discover virtual reality thanks to a pair of glasses they’ll make themselves; the Cube Craft workshop, where they’ll make three-dimensional toys of their favourite characters; or the Comic workshop, where participants will work on their own comics they can place later on their school bags, bags or pencil case with self-adhesive covers.

Sundays will be the day for gamers; they’ll enjoy fun games, like the amazing Drone Flying or the exciting Beyblade. Remember, you just have to show that you downloaded the free app by Miramar and enjoy the Game Party! These are great plans for July, aren’t they?