The Cool Fest arrives at Miramar shopping centre!

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Yes, you can enjoy the coolest event of the year at Miramar, from 20 May to 5 June 2022.


What is this event about?


If you like festivals, fashion and having a great time, our Cool Fest will be amazing! We will have concerts, workshops and lots of outdoor activities, like cosmetics, clothes customisation, make-up, and many more.


We love this time of the year. The great weather and a fabulous atmosphere inspire us to make plans at any time. Enjoying these days at such a fantastic festival on our terrace is a plan we can’t say no to!


All the activities will take place during the festival days, and you can also take photos in our photocall and other locations to capture your experience with us.


Stay tuned because your photos can help you win a fantastic raffle! We will tell you all about it soon!


Here is the information about our COOL FEST workshops!


Our workshops will have a duration of two hours.


Scrapbooking workshop: learn to make a fully customised memory book. Scrapbooking is a method to capture memories, emotions or important events of your life. We use pictures and decorate them with printed paper, ribbons, colour cards, etc.

Saturday 21 de mayo: 16:00h – 18:00h

Friday 27 de mayo: 18:00h – 20:00h


Textile customisation workshop: join Alabama Banana’s customisation workshop and give a second life to your clothes. But this time they will look like works of art! Bring a denim garment, jeans, jacket or shirt and we will have an incredible artistic time. This workshop will be done in collaboration with Jack & Jones.

Saturday 21 de mayo: 18:00h – 20:00h

Natural cosmetics workshop: with Nadia (, we will learn to make a solid shampoo bar and take the recipe home with us. 


Pattern designing workshop: with Academia Jalón, we will learn to take body measures and design the pattern for a skirt. We will take home our patterns and the material used to make them.


Self make-up workshop: given by Yolanda Gonzalez (@yolandamakeupartist).


Macramé workshop: make a macramé tapestry to decorate a canvas bag with Carla González Palacio (@macarrame).


Gym: more info soon!


You can check the schedule for our workshops HERE.


When can you enjoy our Cool Fest?


From Monday to Saturday, all day long! Including Sunday 5 June!


The special activities will take place on Fridays evenings and Saturdays. On Sunday 5 June we will also have activities. All these activities will have a specific calendar and you can book your seat in our free app.


Our festival will start on Friday 20 May at 7 p.m., and Marta Sango will sing on our stage. She will make part of the grand opening of this event that we are so eager to share with you.


We hope to see you here to welcome our festival and have a terrific time.


Because we are born cool!