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Stories usually begin with “once upon a time…”, but at Miramar Shopping Centre we want them to begin however your little ones want them to. That’s why we’re holding a contest from 21 to 26 December to collect the most beautiful stories written by the youngest and most creative members of the family. We will also print off 50 copies of the magic book that will contain a collection of up to 10 stories. The winners will be announced on the 27th!


How to participate

Fill out your information and send your child’s story through the following LINK.


What is the prize?

A printed copy of your child’s story… you’ll be able to say that it’s part of a book! There will be up to 10 winners and each page will feature a winner! We will print 50 copies to be handed out at the Information Desk for those who have downloaded our app. We’ll also be giving away a Miramar experience… the winners will get 2 cinema tickets!


Miramar in support of reading and imagination.


* The allowed format is PDF with a maximum size of 1GB.

* The story will be no longer than one A5 page and can be a drawing, a story, etc.