It happens millions of times every week that a
customer gets a drink from a Starbucks barista. However, each interaction is

It happens in just a moment: a hand that saves
the distance from the bar to deliver a cup to another outstretched hand, but
establishes a connection.

We make sure that everything we do lives up to
that connection: from our commitment to the world’s highest quality coffee,
100% Arabica, to how we interact with our customers and communities to operate

Since our beginnings, in a store almost forty
years ago, in all the places where we have been, in all the places with which
we relate, we try to make everything a little better than when we arrived.

The decoration of our new shop in Miramar shopping
mall has hand-painted works that illustrate, among other coffee landscapes, the
cultivation of coffee at high altitudes. Come and enjoy cup by cup the world’s
best 100% coffee in a unique environment.

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