Enjoy ice skating on Miramar’s ice rink

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This season, from November 4, 2016 to January 10, 2017, enjoy a very cool ice rink at our Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola. Do you dare find out how good you are at ice skating?

This activity is 5 euros per half an hour of ice skating fun. The ice rink is located on our Terrace Floor.

Ice Skating Rink opening hours:

Our ice rink will be open to everyone during the following times and dates:

  • 4 November to 24 December:
    – Monday to Friday from 15h to 22h.
    – Saturdays and Sundays from 10h to 22h.
    – Special schedule:
    · 6, 8 and 9 December from 10h to 22h.
    · 24 December from 10h a 14h.
  • 25 December to 10 January: from 10h to 22h.
    – Special schedule:
    · 31 December and 5 January from 10h to 14h

What else do you need to know to come enjoy our ice rink?

Located on our Terrace Floor, our ice rink has a number of safety rules and uses, necessary for you to enjoy in comfort and calmness:

  • Rules of the ice rink. In it, you must:
    – Wear long sleeves and pants.
    – Wear gloves.
    – Obey the direction of rotation specified by the instructors.
    – Always follow the instructions of the ice rink’s staff.
    • Likewise, the use of a helmet is recommended for children under 12 years old.

So now you know everything to come ice skating and have an awesome time.

Whether you have never ice skated, or if you are already an expert, you cannot miss out on this experience. Come visit us.