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Back to school: The best tips for an unbeatable back-to-school period

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Back to school is fast approaching, and with it the preparations. Find out everything you need to make sure your child is fully prepared. Summer goes by very quickly and coming back from holidays means organising everything for back to school.

How can we help the little ones back to school?

It’s time for reunions with friends and new adventures, but it’s also a time for studying and less free time. It is essential to make the little ones face the new school year with joy and, above all, enthusiasm and excitement, so we think that before going back to school you can help to motivate your child… How?

#1 The class timetable? It’s time to get back to it

On holidays the timetable is out of control, beach, park, cinema, etc. are some of the many plans that change our sleep routine. It’s OK, it’s normal for this to happen during the holidays, the effort of the school year has to be rewarded in “more flexible routines” to make them happier during the summer.

But we have to bear in mind that when it’s time to go back to school, it’s over… Going to bed and getting up early becomes a reality, and if we don’t get our children used to it, it will be a sacrifice for both of us. Ideally, we should start changing their sleeping schedules a while before school starts… You’ll be grateful!

#2 Choose the materials, make them have fun!

One of the things that most often motivate children to go back to school are the materials. It is not necessary to buy all new materials every year as, of course, you have to save money, but it is ideal to buy new materials every year, even if it is in small quantities. This is because we all like to teach new things, and… The little ones? They love to show them to their friends.

Therefore, if they have a new backpack, coloured pens that make them happy, a pencil case of their favourite character or any other material, they will be much happier to go to class. They should be the ones to choose their new material, their enthusiasm will be multiplied!

#3 Remembering anecdotes is always a good idea.

This tip is not useful if your child is going to school for the first time, in this case, a complementary one is to take them to school for the first time before the date stipulated for entry. That way, when they go on the first day, they will already be more familiar with it.

If he has already attended the school for more years, this tip is ideal! Everyone is sad when the holidays are over and they have to go back to school, because during that period they forget how happy they were during the previous school year, so… Why not remember anecdotes to bring back their enthusiasm?

#4 Tell them back to school stories

Without a doubt, this tip is one of our favourites. Children love stories, and stories are a perfect way to educate them, so it’s a two-for-one. If we tell them a story about a character who is going back to school, they will feel identified with it and their desire to go back to school will increase.

#5 Make the last plan of the summer very special

Saying goodbye to summer in style will make your child very happy. Explain that this is the last summer plan before going back to school and that they can choose where they want to go (as long as they don’t ask too much, let’s see what they say!)

They are going to be excited, if they choose the cinema, going to eat at their favourite place, going to the beach with friends, etc., it will help them close the holiday cycle and start to focus on their new routine.

At Miramar there are lots of activities for children at Miramar Kids, where you can take them to start building relationships with other children before they go back to school, they’ll have fun!

Prepare everything: Don’t let anything slip through the cracks!

As we have already said, you have to involve the little ones in the purchase of materials, as this is one of the fundamental points to make their return to school more enjoyable. Some of the essential materials for a good school year are these 4:

  • The pencil case. You can’t imagine how excited the little ones are to have a pencil case in their favourite colour or their favourite cartoon character. This material can be found in different ways… In a tin, in a bag, or in the form of a zipped briefcase, which one will your child choose?
  • Pencils and pens. A nice but empty pencil case is like having nothing, so fill it up! Even if you think your child has a lot of pencils and pens, the truth is that they are very excited to have new colours, so don’t say no, it’s easy to buy and you’ll make them happy when they go back to school.
  • The backpack. This is the most visible item, as the whole school will know what your backpack is. It is very important that it is comfortable and of good quality so that their back is not damaged by carrying so much weight, and also that they really like the design.
  • Agendas. This is key for your child to be able to write down their homework and not forget anything. In addition, an agenda is able to educate, as it makes the person more responsible and organised. Buy them for school, because if you buy them yearly it will not be a “new gift” incentive for the return to school.

Our Miramar Shopping Centre has a large number of shops, so you will be able to find everything you are looking for for your children’s back to school.