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Activities for children during the Semana Blanca in Fuengirola

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The Semana Blanca is approaching, one of the favorite dates for thousands of people in Malaga that brings with it a mini-vacation, especially for children and teenagers.

You may have a distant memory of how much you appreciated this week of relaxation in school, but currently, in your work life, it may not interfere at all (unless you’re a teacher); however, if you have children, you will still be very aware of this holiday in your home.

What is the origin of the Semana Blanca in Malaga?

The Semana Blanca, which takes place in the last week of February and always coincides with Andalusia Day, provides five days of rest for students and teachers to make up for holidays that exist in other locations and that in many Malaga municipalities fall in the summer, so they are not recorded in the school calendar.

Far from the idea that the Semana Blanca is a last-minute holiday, the truth is that it aims to balance the school calendar so that all young people and children have the same number of vacations nationally.

The origin of the Semana Blanca dates back to the 80s, and the chosen date is designed for students to enjoy the proximity of Sierra Nevada to engage in snow and nature-related activities.

Enjoy the Semana Blanca at Miramar

Children deserve to enjoy their vacations. We know that it can be challenging to balance the Semana Blanca with the usual daily activities regarding work schedules, but at Miramar, we make these dates as special as possible!

Miramar Kids is ideal for your children during the Semana Blanca; we have a 100% free play area on the center’s terrace, and it will be open from Monday, February 26, to Saturday, March 2 (except for February 28, which is our regional holiday!)

With morning and afternoon hours, the little ones in the house will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the special theme of the year, dedicated to Andalusia, its traditions, customs, and folklore.

With a wide variety of educational games, crafts, and fun activities, they will have a great time!

Other activities at Miramar Shopping Center

Other options that your kids will love where you can enjoy their company at Miramar during the Semana Blanca are:

#1 Go to the movies

There’s nothing like a good movie session! Popcorn, candies, a refreshing drink, a good movie, and the company of the most important people in your life. Take advantage and escape from the routine.

#2 Go out to eat or dinner

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and can be the icing on the cake for a fabulous day with the family. Burger King, Foster’s Hollywood, KFC, VIPS, La Tagliatella, and many more restaurants await you at Miramar. Where are you going to take your kids?

#3 Go shopping

Especially if your son or daughter is in adolescence, they will greatly appreciate a good shopping afternoon and preparing the wardrobe for spring and good weather. With over 140 stores, Miramar Shopping Center is an ideal option for a family shopping afternoon.

Experience the best Semana Blanca at Miramar

You now have a lot of plans for this Semana Blanca in Fuengirola! Remember that your little ones won’t be children forever, so enjoy them to the fullest and create unforgettable moments with them at Miramar. We look forward to seeing you.