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The best sales of 2023 in Miramar

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The January slope seems to be a lot less steep when you get great discounts or long-desired items at a discounted price – at Miramar we have over 140 shops available to make the start of the new year a little bit happier!

Invest in yourself in the sales 2023

Christmas is behind us, the most gift-giving time of the year, and gift-giving is an act we love! The illusion of the day of Father Christmas or the Three Wise Men has a place for the little ones and for our elders, and that is priceless.

However, January arrives and it is time to invest in ourselves. After all, it is also important to pamper ourselves and give ourselves a treat or two, we deserve it! And what better way to do it than taking advantage of the 2023 sales at Centro Comercial Miramar?

This year’s best sales

Go for it! Here are some suggestions that may be useful for you to succeed with your sales.

New clothes, new smile

As they say, whoever says that clothes don’t bring happiness… doesn’t know where to shop! We’re joking (or not), but the important thing is that there are some great discounts at the Inditex group and many other shops that will help you renew your wardrobe this winter. Or maybe it’s a good idea to take advantage of the sales and start buying more summery items? We’ll leave it up to you!

For example, Desigual has discounts of up to 40% and C&A has discounts of up to 50%. Check out all our shops and visit your favourites, you won’t be disappointed!

The best in jewellery

Make sure you shine like never before in 2023! The challenge is to do it on the outside, but also on the inside.

However, we all like to wear the best jewellery, the jewellery that can define us. At Pandora you can enjoy up to 50% off a wide selection of jewellery to complete your collection, on the other hand, at Jose Luís Joyería you can enjoy their sales until 31 January. Hurry up!

Make your home a priority

Maybe the time has come to get those items you’ve been wanting to put in your home for so long. Home is the space where we spend the most time and where we should feel most comfortable… If you invest in your home, you are indirectly investing in yourself!

In Gato Preto or Zara Home you can find everything you are looking for, ask in shop everything you want to find!

Your well-being, your happiness

There are times when we need to put life on pause. To devote ourselves to ourselves, to rest and to take care of our skin.

At Rituals or Primor you will find the products that will become your allies to promote not only your physical but also your mental wellbeing.

Your sales, in Miramar Shopping Centre

We hope we have been able to help and inspire you to make your sales a success, remember that at Centro Comercial Miramar we have everything you can imagine… And more! We are waiting for you with open arms and lots of discounts!