Isla Miramar is a recreational and educational project of the Miramar Shopping Centre. It includes plenty of activities, workshops, entertainment, competitions and parties for the little ones, supervised by the trained monitors at all times.

1. Age allowed to register is 4 to 12.

If considered necessary, during registration the staff of the Kids’ Club may request that the father/mother/guardian provides the documents necessary to check the child’s age. If these documents are requested but not provided, it will not be possible to register or, therefore, enter the Club until the child’s age has been proven. Miramar Shopping Centre is not liable for any damages that may be derived from persons responsible for minors providing false details.

2. The maximum time children may remain in the Kids’ Club is 1:30 hour. Any delay in collecting a child will be a breach of this rule and the Centre’s Management will be entitled to restrict access to the Club for a period of 1 month (in the event of two breaches) or 2 months (in the event of 3 breaches), and they may even be expelled from the Club in the event of repeated breaches (more than 3 breaches).

3. The member’s card must always be presented when entering Isla Miramar.

4. The membership card will be valid only if the authorization signed by the child´s parent is previously submitted.

5. The person responsible for the child must be an adult. Minors may not leave the Club until they are collected by the adult who appears as the person responsible for them on their sign-in sheet. Therefore, minors may not even leave the Club to go to the bathroom.

6. We remind fathers/mothers/guardians that the Isla Miramar monitors are not able to accompany children to the lavatory.

7. Due to safety and capacity regulations the adults will not be able to access the enclosure. The club’s maximum capacity may vary, depending on the number of monitors and other circumstances, with said capacity ranging from 20 to 50 children.

8. The Shopping Centre is not responsable for possible allergy or other health problems of the child. Please inform the monitors about it previously.

9. No food, drinks, Sharp objects and other items that may affect children´s safety, hygiene or usual activities are allowed inside the play area.

10. In the order to become a member of the Kids´ Club you must accept these terms. The Miramar Shopping Centre Board reserves the right to change the terms of this free service.

The Children´s Club is established as an enclosure for children´s activities. The guardianship and custody of children will be the parent´s responsibly.