RAFFLE! Win free tickets for Miramar terrace rides

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There are still lots of prizes awaiting you at Miramar terrace! We’ll raffle up to 10 tickets valued €10 each for our terrace rides. What a fantastic summer we’re enjoying! Bouncy castles, jumping, Scalextric, trampolines, battery-charged motorbikes, an obstacle course, choose your favourite one! Would you like to get one of these 10 tickets? Pay attention, it’s easy as pie:


What do you have to do to enter our raffle?

 Download the official app by Miramar shopping centre, free of charge and available for  iOs and Android, and vote with a happy face or a heart in the news about the raffle that you’ll find in our app.


When can you enter the raffle?

From 16 to 23 August at 11:59 pm (Spanish peninsular time).


The Winners

 On 24 August, we’ll announce the name of the winners in our app.

Good luck and enjoy the rides at Miramar terrace, your terrace!


Check the terms and conditions of the raffle HERE.