WE HAVE WINNERS!! RAFFLE! In November, Miramar loves cinema. Win 10 double tickets for Cinesur!

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We feel like enjoying a good film any time of the year, but on cold November days, we love it! This is why our monthly raffle We Love Winners is devoted to cinema. Would you like to win a double ticket for Cinesur cinema? Pay attention!


What do we raffle?

10 double tickets for Cinesur Miramar. 10!


When and how can you enter our raffle?

The raffle will start on Thursday 14 November at noon and will finish on Sunday 24 November at 11:59 pm. We will announce the winners on 25 November.


If you want to enter our raffle, just go to our website and complete this form following our instructions. Once all the raffles end, we will raffle a €200 gift card among all participants!


What is We love Winners?

We love Winners is a monthly raffles campaign that we have every month at Miramar and that gives you the chance to win many prizes, courtesy of our stores. We are all WINNERS at Miramar!


Check our raffle Terms and Conditions HERE.




2: Elizabeth Nieman Gumbao

3: Eva María Rodríguez Saz

4: Roberto Luis Palomino Torres

5: Noelia Castro Jiménez

6: Antonia Moreno Pavon

7: Kerri Walton

8: Yesica Garrido Ramírez

9: Faiza Meziani

10: José Manuel Merayo Marqués



11: Elizaveta Velichko

12: Alejandro Repetto Valenzuela

13: Luisa Medrano garcia

14: Paula Alarcón López

15: María Fernanda Rodriguez López

16: Saúl Blanco Rosa

17: Malvina Aida Aldea

18: Salvador Campos

19: María del sol Caro herrero

20: Polina Budarova