RAFFLE! Enter our raffle and win a copy of the Spanish tale Rita zancada infinita (Rita and her big stride)

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On Saturday 26 October, Carrefour hypermarket at Miramar shopping centre will welcome Amanda Flores, the author of the Spanish children’s tale Rita zancada infinita (Rita and her big stride). The author will be signing copies of her book as of 6 pm.


Reading Rita zancada infinita, children will learn to look on the bright side of things while helping other people. At Miramar shopping centre, we will raffle three books, so that you can enjoy this beautiful tale. One of them can be yours! If you want it, pay attention…


What do you have to do to enter our raffle?
– Become a fan of our Facebook page and leave a comment in the raffle post, tagging a friend and encouraging him/her to enter the raffle.


When can you enter the raffle?
– From 23 October to 26 October.


What can you win?
– A copy of the Spanish book Rita zancada infinita by Amanda Flores.


The winners
– On 28 October, we will announce the names of the three winners.
Good luck! Go for your book!


Check our raffle and Conditions HERE.


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