Opera show: Nabucco, by Giuseppe Verdi, on 14 September

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Next Thursday 14 September 2017 we’ll have the chance to enjoy the opera show Nabucco, one of the masterpieces by Giuseppe Verdi. We’ll broadcast it live from the Opera Royal de Wallonie-Liège in Liège, at 8 pm at Cinesur Miramar.

Nabucco narrates a biblical episode with an enormous dramatic tension, typical of the works written by the operatic genius Verdi. The play has a social and politic background of that time, in which Italy demands its independence from the foreign domination that has devastated the country. The choir expresses vigorously and intensely this nostalgia for their country, singing “Va Pensiero”, which becomes the anthem for Italian unification in the author’s time. This opera play, directed by Paolo Arrivabeni, has a fabulous cast, led by Leo Nucci.

  • The following tickets are available: Early tickets: €17. Day of performance: €19.
  • Tarjeta5 cardholders: Early tickets: €12. Day of performance: €14.
  • Season ticket available for Tarjeta5 cardholders: €85,04 (includes eight performances)